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A while back I reached out to some of the Big 6 CEO’s (Big 5 now right) to let them know I was the go between for 1 eBooks a major client of mine, they sell lots of titles for my large stable of writers, in regards to 1 eBooks being interested in beta testing big publishing houses with huge clueless IT staff that should all be fired.

Just look at the crap sites the Big 6 have in how they try to sell books direct, the pages suck and have bad SEO so they have no visibility on search engines.

So my client 1 eBooks was offering an olive branch, let’s show you dinosaurs how to sell eBook without Amazon, BN or iTunes.

Send some CVS files to the expert SEO and SMO gurus of 1 eBooks and they can pop your titles and have direct links to SELL on your crappy sites that need to be over hauled.

Now I wasn’t as uncouth as that, but you get the idea, hey a big time tech outfit is about to revolutionize eBook distribution and they want big publishers to help break the back of the existing eBook cartels run by Amazon, BN and iTunes.

Anyone can use their mobile phones and go to 1eBooks.com and see how easy the 1 button links are to major genre topics, any title can be found easily and there’s no crap about other products like Amazon has on the serp pages.

Anyway, most of my work is now involved in selling options for the many titles I represent to players in Hollywood and when some are given a GREEN LIGHT, let’s just say I’ll be the MAIN AGENT around, the titles have huge potential. Many new book series, some of the most fascinating stories in the past 20 years are under control of the writers I represent.

Anyway, a real IT moron at Simon and Schuster contacted me months ago and I emailed Carolyn Reidy, you got to fire this idiot, I’m not going to deal with him.

I don’t need Simon and Schuster, I honestly don’t need any of the Big 5/6 Publishers, their day has come and gone.

The future is direct sales by authors and publishers of what is now the majority of Book sales that being EBOOKS.

Print is dead.

A hot author can even bypass any publishers now with their own websites and if they can get free press which many can, they can give out an author’s URL and sell eBooks direct to readers and never even be in print.

I have several authors like that, the main one is the infamous SOLLOG a modern day Nostradamus that was a top 50 search term on Yahoo after 911 for his direct hit of 911.

That was way before Google controlled most searches, in 2001 it was Yahoo that was king of search and before that Alta Vista and before that Infoseek.

Anyway, 1 eBooks has lots of pop on some major search engines for major book terms, especially Bing and Yahoo for major terms in eBooks.

If a publisher gives 1 eBooks their titles and blurbs with direct links to their network to sell their books, then the EASY SEO of 1 eBooks can pop search engines for searches on big titles and authors names.

Pretty simple concept, look, a keyword tech company with experts n SEO and SMO is trying to help major publishers created a new distribution channel for authors and publishers tired of giving so much of a sale to Amazon and Apple.

The fact is the average reader has no clue what publisher has ‘rights’ to what authors and there’s a whole new crop of hot authors with no publishers that PUBLISH DIRECT.

The problem all these companies and people have is how do they use search engines and social media to get their own traffic to their IP assets.

Easy, you can put them on a neutral network like 1 eBooks where SEO and SMO gurus help get titles and authors exposure and their concept is LINK TO AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS TO SELL DIRECT and not do the transaction like Amazon or Apple does.

Anyway, I’m very busy selling options on titles and making licensing deals for my clients so after a while 1 eBooks came to me and said what’s the status with big 6, and I said have your guys contact all the publishers that aren’t part of that dinosaur club, they’re all CLUELESS.

Upon hearing that the Big 6 had no interest in helping 1 eBooks one of the power players in the 1 eBooks group did a screed demanding the board of Simon and Schuster FIRE the Queen of the company aka Carolyn Reidy for incompetence for passing up the beta test free offer.

Then his screed got picked up by other power users in social media and now if you got to Simon Schusters or Carolyn Reidy’s social media #hashtags you see all the KLOUT power players trashing Simon Schuster and Carolyn Reidy demanding she be FIRED.

So now my Boca office got a call this morning from someone at Simon Schuster number is 212-698-2349

Hey Carolyn I told you in my last email I and my clients have NO INTEREST in your dinosaur company while you are running it.



Remember in December I gave you a link to a video on Youtube with THE FUTURE in it, where 3 planes would eventually crash in a few months and your response was we aren’t interested in your psychic author.


You should be FIRED for that Carolyn.

Then I personally gave you a link at Passover to the same guys video about a major killer quake hitting in 13 days after Passover and guess what the Nepal event hit dead on.

Your response again, Simon and Schuster has zero interest in his work.

So FUCK OFF Carolyn you should be FIRED and I agree with the guy that trashed you and Simon and Schuster.

You see Carolyn Reidy it is 2015 and with the net and a website a hot publisher company and even a hot author can print money with eBook sales and bypass the dinosaurs like you and Simon and Schuster.

So if you want to call the number above and speak to Smon and Schuster you can verify I’m telling them to FUCK OFF.

I don’t need you and my authors don’t need you.


eBooks sell more copies now than print, PRINT IS DEAD and a hot eBook can have options sold easily and when the title gets a GREENLIGHT then the DINOSAURS like Simon and Schuster will line up to BUY MAJOR PRINT RIGHTS.

You know I’d rather see my authors with 2nd Tier Publishers and have a kick ass social media team behind them than have to deal with the MORONS running the old world major publishing houses.

Heck that is my OPINION like ASSHOLES everyone has one.

But check my KLOUT and my opinion comes with a .1% EXPERT RANKING on #books.

Anyway Carolyn, as I told you in the last email I sent you a while ago, I will deal with the future CEO of Simon and Schuster and NOT YOU, you are on the way out and social media is why YOU ARE FIRED.

So Simon and Schuster stop calling my Boca Raton Office, I HAVE NO INTEREST in working with your company while you have Carolyn Reidy at the head of it.

Neither do my authors.


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