Publisher accuses Amazon of STEALING ROYALTIES

Publisher Says


Dr. Sol Adoni has publicly accused Amazon of stealing his Royalties.

Here is an article on 247 News about the accusations of Dr. Adoni the Founder of Adoni Publishing and author of over 100 Titles.


Dr. Adoni is also the Chief Justice of an International Civil Court and he is now suing Amazon in his court. He has recused himself from the case.

Dr. Adoni cites a 99% drop in average page reads on his KU Titles after he became publicly critical of Amazon and various issues he has with Amazon.

Is Amazon Stealing Authors Royalties?

There is no 3rd Party Audit of Amazon and their 90% share in eBook Distribution is considered by most to be a monopoly share. Amazon has refused to release even to share holders in their public company any data on eBooks sales or KENP figures.

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