New eBook Affiliate Program PAYS 600% More than Amazon Kindle

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New eBook Affiliate Program

PAYS 600% More than Amazon Kindle


eBook Affiliate Program
eBook Affiliate Program

1 eBooks launches

Great New Affiliate Program

Make 25% Commission Real Time Stats

Amazon Pays 4% 1eBooks Pays 25%

Exclusive eBook Signing with Sollog makes 1 eBooks Major Player in eBooks

Powered by an exclusive Book Distribution Deal with the GREAT SOLLOG the PROPHET OF ROCK who had over 30 Million Plays for his PROPHECY MUSIC this summer, the famous Sollog Prophecies are now why 1 eBooks could soon become a major player in eBook Distribution.

First, 1 eBooks is paying over 600% MORE to their affiliates than Amazon, so why would an affiliate waste their time linking to cheap Kindle eBooks and making nothing when they can make 25% on much higher priced eBooks. 25% is over 600% more than the meager 4% Amazon pays most affiliates.

1 eBooks only distributes HIGH QUALITY PDF FILES and they can work on any reader or computer, so the cost per eBooks is much more than the garbage eBook files sold by Amazon for Kindle.

Try to read an academic book on Kindle, IT DOES NOT WORK, Kindle doesn’t recognize math and scientific formulas unless you use an image nor do they recognize ancient fonts such as Greek and Hebrew that ancient academic texts were written in.

2nd, authors earn way more on 1 eBooks than Amazon where Amazon has a hard cap of $9.99 on most authors eBooks. 1 eBooks has been selling academic works for $49.99 to $99.99 for for over 20 years online and most books are way above $9.99, the reason is they are niche oriented books geared towards a few niches such as the Paranormal or serious academic research and not the pulp you find all over Amazon.

The Mighty Sollog is the key to this new power move by 1 eBooks and Sollog is ready to use the power of his fans to start to push his famous Paranormal books with his prophecies in them. So expect to see his fans social media accounts running rampant with links to 1 eBooks where his newest books are SOLD EXCLUSIVELY.

Sollog is considered today THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS and his books have a huge niche of fans in the Paranormal Genre.

Now fans of his work can be spreading his PROPHECIES all over Social Media AND MAKE MONEY.

25% of his newest book about his Prophecies is a whopping $12.50 since it retails for $49.99.

Do people really pay $49.99 for his eBooks? They sure do since his work has attracted a loyal following that know that for over 20 years he has predicted every major tragedy there has been in the world.

Yet the mainstream media ignores his work for the most part.

So now THE FANS OF SOLLOG will propel 1 eBooks to compete with Amazon for eBook Affiliates by having them promote the famous Sollog Prophecies and MAKE MONEY.

1 eBooks also has several new series of great fiction books including 3 series by Sollog including his great new Atlantias series about Atlantis and his series about what happens after the asteroid strikes occur he is predicting and that series is THEE END. Then there is the Super 7 Boys and Super 7 Girls series he wrote with Bella Amor who also has her Moonlight Lover series on 1 eBooks and then there is the New Hope Coven fiction series about real teen witches in New Hope PA that Sollog is a co-author of as well.

Watch out Amazon and Apple and BN, 1 eBooks has an author that is destined to become the most read author in history and his new books will be exclusive to 1 eBooks!

Make 25% Commission Real Time Stats

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