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Dr. Sol Adoni – Dr. Adoni is the discoverer of 30 Mod Prime Number Algorithm that has revolutionized data encryption. He is the founder of HelixQ an advanced computer programming language for the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence Computers). Dr. Adoni has a vast catalog of books on mathematics, science, history, astro-physics, religion, ancient history, history, ancient languages and law. Dr. Adoni has a large line of business books for many aspects of business including technology and internet marketing.

Books by Dr. Sol Adoni

D. E. Alexander – The king of non-fiction conspiracy. Mr. Alexander has author a myriad of titles over the past 20 or so years on topics from paranormal phenomena and government coverups in UFOS and general conspiracy topics. Mr. Alexander is the current Chief Editor of 247 News.

Books by D.E. Alexander

NIKKEE – Nikkee is an emerging author in fiction. Her books include the New Hope Coven series.

New Hope Coven – Series by Nikkee

SOLLOG – Sollog is considered by the media and fans to be the Modern Nostradamus. The Prophecies of Sollog are internet legend. Sollog has a vast catalog of titles including works on many fields of the Paranormal as well as religion. Sollog also writes fiction. Several titles by Sollog have been adapted into Indy Films.

Books by Sollog

i Nympho – I. Nympho is a teen erotica sensation, the i Nympho series is a top selling line of Erotic Literature.

I. Nympho – Erotica Series

Bella Amor – Bella Amor is a newly signed author with a couple of series of romance in the works.

Books by Bella Amor

Eros Adonis – Author of OMGASMS and the HOW TO PICK UP BOOK as well as Eros (Love) Crystals. Eros has given millions of women around the world the most intense orgasms they have ever had.

Eros Adonis

How to Pick Up Book

Eros Crystals

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