About i Literary Agents


Executives in our firm have decades of experience in publishing, especially in digital publishing and internet marketing and promotion of eBooks.

We usually brand an author with multiple websites and produced videos and have a large distribution network and promotional network behind us.

Executives within our firm have vast experience in book publishing, ebook publishing and formatting, website production, video production, film production, music production and all aspects of IM (Internet Marketing) including SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC and all aspects of website development and promotion.

Our parent company has been involved in technology and publishing since the 1970′s . Our parent company is a global media company with divisions in publishing, internet content, news, press releases, HD video production, film production and music production.

Our parent company has recently created 1 Writer Org as a community for the entire publishing industry from writers and authors as well as publishers and literary agents.


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