i Literary Agents adds Dr. Sol Adoni


Dr. Sol Adoni joins i Literary Agents Client List

i Literary Agents has agreed to represent the large catalog of titles by Dr. Sol Adoni to traditional print publishers as well as for film production and cable production.

Dr. Sol Adoni has a vast catalog of books on mathematics where he has discovered revolutionary new math formulas such as 30 Mod Prime Number Algorithm and physics where he discovered the Planetary Distance Formula.

Dr. Adoni also writes upon ancient civilizations and religion as well as business books and sports books as well as diet and nutrition.

Dr. Adoni also writes fiction.

Dr. Adoni is the Emeritus Dean of University Temple of ‘Hayah and was the founder of Adoni Publishing and University Temple of ‘Hayah Press.

Dr. Adoni is also one of the founding members of the Paideias Knowledge Project as well as the 1 Search Org Project and also founded both HelixQ and ElixQ revolutionary software computers involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

i Literary Agents welcome the esteemed Dr. Adoni to its client list.



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