Bitcoin Empires hires i Literary Agents

i Literary Agents is proud to announce they are agents fo a new Novel titled Bitcoin Empires that is also a TV Series Pilot. The novel and series is being written by Sol Adoni, Bella Amor and Nikkee. All of the authors have established fictions series already.

The pilot will be produced about the fascinating world of  Bitcoin technology that includes new bitcoin companies such as Cayman Island Bitcoin Casino ventures.

The Novel and TV Show will feature the amazing lifestyles of technology investors as well as domain name investors and how these tech pioneers are creating many new Bitcoin Companies as well as Cayman Island Bitcoin Casinos.

The Novel has the novel right to use the real name of a real Bitcoin Casino in their work of fiction. The Bitcoin Casino is 1 PLAYER out of the Cayman Islands.

Sol Adoni is the author of the series Atlantias.

Bella Amor is the author of the series Moonlight Lover.

Nikkee is the author of the series New Hope Coven.


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