Bitcoin Casino signed by i Literary Agents

i Literary Agents has signed a contract to represent a group of casino operators for a proposed television series about the emerging bitcoin casino industry.

The emerging bitcoin industry may soon have its first reality TV show that follows the fascinating lives of some of the investors behind many bitcoin projects who are also creating the new bitcoin casino industry out of the Cayman Islands.

Members of the group are also writing a series of How To Books in regards to learn how to play various casino games. Digital rights to the new books have been presold to Adoni Publishing.

The largest deep water poker event in the world is hosted by the group and it has a 20 Million Dollar prize award for the winner of the 1 Player ( event. 10 Seats each selling for 2.2 Million battle it out over a weeklong event held in international deep waters where the winner takes all gets 20 Million Dollars which is double what the prize of the WSOP (World Series of Poker) is.

Gorgeous models and famous tech innovators as well as celebrities are all part of the 20 Million Dollar Poker Tournament.

The proposed series will focus on two sets of investors that run two different bitcoin casinos, a few of the investors have stakes in both casinos. The lavish homes, yachts and cars of investors as well as their beautiful wives and girlfriends are certain to draw a huge fan base to a reality series that follows the lives of tech pioneers and emerging bitcoin investors in the mega-rich world of technology.

It could easily become the most fascinating reality show ever created and it could make bitcoin a household name.

The two casinos involved are

1 Player

iBitcoin Casino

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