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1 eBooks the #1 eBook Promotion Site

The best little secret in FREE EBOOK PROMOTION is out, 1 eBooks has a great FREE eBook Listing service for authors and publishers and yet almost no one knows about it.

I’ve see it work first hand, you make a post with the #hashtag you want in the FREE FORUM at 1 eBooks and bingo a few minutes later it is auto tweeted to Twitter through a major Klout Account maintained by 1 eBooks and any author that uses the Free Service is instantly on the top of Twitter for that Genre.


I’ve been involved personally with the old world dinosaurs that run publishing and I honestly believe when the boards of big publishers find out that DINOSAURS like Carolyn Reidy didn’t jump on this baby and support 1 eBooks as a new major eBook channel to distribute eBooks the big publishers may all have new CEO’s soon, since I explained to a few of them THIS WAS COMING.

Me, what do I know about books and publishing,  I only have expert ranking on many things in publishing, last time I looked I’m top .1% of everyone in the world in SM Social Media for stuff like #Books.

The SMO Gurus that run my own SM account got me that huge ranking and the same SMM Gurus are operating the SM accounts of 1 eBooks . They are the top SMO gurus in the world as can be seen by my own major Klout score which came out of no where and the rise of my EXPERT RANKINGS in publishing and books and eBooks as well as Authors and such.

So while this valuable service is still FREE any author or publisher can join 1 eBooks and get a FREE FORUM account and just put the book genre #hashtag for what you want in the title of the Forum Post.

Within the hour you will be on top of social media such as Twitter for that genre.


What can being on the top of a major book genre #hashtag such as #fiction on Twitter do for you? It’s huge and 99% of tweets from authors and even publishers never hit this major #hashtag or publishing on Twitter.

I can hit it as an expert in #books and #ebooks and #fiction, but few Literary Agents have such KLOUT and few publishers have the type of Klout you need to hit these major topic pages over and over.

I have major social media KLOUT and my followers on Twitter thank me publicly over and over for helping them. I like helping new and emerging authors and even well established authors with my own Tweets and Retweets and Favs and I love to hand out +K’s to authors and publishers I like.

So get this great FREE EXPOSURE while it is still FREE and you will soon see your titles ON TOP of major book hashtags on Twitter.

Social media is not about how many followers you have, it’s not even about how high your Klout score is, mine is top 5% of the world but it’s not as hight as say a celeb such as one of the Kardashian’s or a singer such as as Taylor Swift, if they gave you a RT or a Tweet or a Fav that would drive your title great as well, good luck trying to get a major social media celeb to RT you though.

It’s pretty much impossible.

Yet 1 eBooks is now helping all authors and publishers FOR FREE to list their books in their eBook forum and they use their KLOUT to support the users that support their network.

Isn’t that what SM is all about, sharing your skills and helping others get a voice over all the noise that is usually SM for most.

For an author getting a major Klout user to help you is a big deal and 1 eBooks does it FOR FREE.

I myself was amazed when Carolyn Reidy trusted a moron in her IT department to make the decision if Simon and Schuster should try a FREE BETA test for major publishing houses on 1 eBooks .

Now if you go to the #hashtag of #CarolynReidy and #SimonSchuster her folly is there, she is being outed by many social media authority accounts as incompetent to run a modern publishing company due to her decision to not help 1 eBooks in their publishers beta test by listing for FREE Simon and Schuster Titles with direct links to SELL at the company site. Why wouldn’t a modern publishing company want major free traffic to their own sites to SELL THEIR TITLES DIRECT? That is the question board members will be asking many major publishers soon as word of this new eBook distribution system reaches the board members that matter. The board members that hire and fire old dinosaur CEO’s that are clueless in the modern world where SM social media is a big deal and viral social media can sell books.

In other words 1 eBooks is in beta creating a very new valuable service for all publishers and authors, driving traffic to author sites and publisher sites TO SELL DIRECT to readers and bypassing the usual eBook cartel now run by Amazon, BN and Apple.

My EXPERT RANKINGS on KLOUT in many topics including #books and #ebooks as well as #publishing proves I’m no dummy when it comes to using SM social media to help authors I represent and now I’m letting every author and publisher know, 1 eBooks is a powerhouse when it comes to today’s viral world of social media, they get you instantly to top topics.

And they’re doing it for FREE.

Why aren’t they charging for this valuable service?

That’s their decision, I personally see great value in it and it could easily be a service authors and publishers would PAY FOR.

But for now the group running 1 eBooks is saying it’s SOCIAL MEDIA we have KLOUT and we want to help all authors and publishers create a direct channel to sell their ebooks to readers without Amazon, BN and Apple.

SPREAD THE WORD this is a post that can change your future.

You won’t get any viral SM traction unless you can get KLOUT users in publishing and books helping you and 1 eBooks has that power as do I.

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