#Author #Sollog Top #Paranormal #Writer Signs Exclusive #eBook Deal with #1ebooks

1 eBooks Signs EXCLUSIVE eBook Deal

With Author Sollog


In what could soon become a standard in publishing a famous #Paranormal #Author with a huge legion of global fans who is often called the modern day #Nostradamus has inked an exclusive deal through our agency with 1 eBooks for sales of his famous Prophecies of Sollog.

SOLLOG has amazed his fans around the world for over 20 years with his prophecies. After 911 he was one of the top 50 search terms on Yahoo being one of the only authors to ever make their TOP 50 list.

At that time Yahoo had the largest market share of all the top search engines. There was no Bing and Google had not become the dominant search engine yet.

Agents of authors will soon be following our example and bypassing traditional publishing companies altogether since an author with a following can command a higher percentage of how much they make off each unit sold in the area where over 50% of all book related sales are now eBooks.

Authors with followings do not need to give one cent to traditional publishers nor allow their books to net them almost nothing on eBook cartels such as Amazon or BN. The sad truth is a famous author sees very little of any eBook sale their titles make and companies such as Amazon and BN are not needed by authors to sell their new titles.

It will no longer be what Publishing company offers a famous author the most for a signing fee, rather it will be what eBook channel can offer that author the largest percentage of an eBook sale.

Authors all have websites now and can easily sell their new books direct to readers and fans. Yet most famous authors are still subject to old contracts giving an old world publisher exclusive rights to  future books they right. Some contracts expire in set years and others expire after so many books  Publishers have all updated their old world contracts to now take control of eBook rights. When the net started 20 years ago the whole Publishing Industry had to adapt to new contracts in regards to eBooks and most authors got screwed.

However, as famous authors become available to have new contracts, the power of famous authors will find some able to do direct distribution deals with new eBook channels. The era of giving eBook distribution rights to all the eBook channels like Amazon, BN and Apple could be over soon, as famous Authors push new Book Titles with exclusive eBook channels for their new books where the Author gets the best deal to be exclusive on one network.

Such deals may be exclusive for a set number of days or forever on that title, these are all new types of deals and subject to many variations.

With eBook sales being the dominant type of book sold today, look for EXCLUSIVE TITLE AND AUTHOR DEALS with a myriad of new eBook Channels that sign power authors to deals just to have exclusive eBook distribution rights to that author. It creates instant traffic to new tech sites that deal with nothing but maximizing an authors profit on a book title.

The fact is no matter what type of device you use to read eBooks be it a Kindle, Nook or iPad or even a laptop, they all have eBook apps that allow any eBook reader to read traditional eBook files such as PDF files and to many that type of file is the best way to read a book since that file has the formatting the editor of the Book created as to how to properly display an authors work.

eBook readers often have problems with some languages that use special fonts and in scholarly works with footnotes and even with works that have huge image files in their books due to quality images as well as interactive eBooks.

While mass sellers of cheaply discounted Book titles in crappy eBook formats such as Amazon with Kindle will argue their format is great, the truth is Kindle sucks for many types of books.

Also, the cap on what Amazon dictates as to the top end of what an eBook can sell for has left both Publishers and Authors in fits due to Amazon taking most of the sale of any eBook priced over $9.99 which most authors and publishers will tell you is TOO LITTLE for a major authors work. In other words Amazon dictates the low price of $9.99 for eBooks, when an author should be entitled to make whatever the market will bear for his hard work.

So now an author can sign exclusive deals with new eBook channels offering EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS to allow higher priced eBook prices so the author gets to earn more and keep more per sale than they will ever get with a direct deal from many eBook channels as the current business models of monetizing an authors work mandates.

Every author can see what a crappy job Amazon and BN does on their books, the reason I say that is these sites push other titles and products on the pages with top authors book titles so the traditional sites used by top authors and publishing companies don’t care if they actually sell a famous authors work, they use famous authors and titles to sell other products and other titles. Authors and Publishers both get screwed by listing their titles on Amazon and other eBook cartels that currently dominate the industry.

Now an author can get a new deal, a deal where their title is only sold exclusive to one large eBook channel and the author promotes that fact in their interviews about the book and on their site and in the authors social media. Here’s my new title it is EXCLUSIVE to NAME OF EBOOK TITLE.

So now an author has a vested interest in pushing where their new titles can be found. The reason it maximizes what the author can make PER SALE and top selling authors SELL MILLIONS OF BOOKS, so a new title can now make a top author well over $100 Million dollars with eBooks priced at $29.99 bucks and an eBook with sales of only 5 Million copies will yield $150 Million in sales and the new business models give authors MOST OF THAT MANY.

Can you now realize why old world publishers are all going to be extinct soon.

The author can say oh my new book can be found everywhere like they say now, or they can say go to AuthorsName.com or ExclusiveEbookSite.com to buy my new title. Authors need a tech guru and tech savvy agent now more than they need an old world publisher.

The fact is Top Authors don’t need to have Amazon and Old World Publishers take most of the sale of their new titles.

Top authors are all in position to bring new titles to their fans without using old world publishers and giving every BS eBook channel a right to sell their books.

Imagine the day soon when you won’t be able to buy a top authors book on Amazon, BN or Apple. The author may even put on those sites a pamplet for .99 cents or so saying yes they have this new title but it’s not available on Amazon but here’s a few chapters to read for .99 cents now go to NEWEBOOKCHANNEL.com to buy it.

The reason this will happen soon is, AUTHORS MAKE MORE MONEY selling their titles direct to their huge fan bases where they keep all the sales and they earn money INSTANTLY when fans purchase direct from the author. Authors get ripped off by Amazon when they lose often 70% of a sale to Amazon and then they get only a fraction of the rest since their publisher keeps most of what Amazon doles out many months AFTER a sale is made.

Do you now see how terrible the current eBook sales model is for authors and even publishers. Amazon controls it and they force authors and publishers to sell for under 10 bucks and if the book is sold outside the USA they often take 70% . They also take 70% when a publisher or author dares to price their eBooks above $9.99.

Now if an author doesn’t want to handle all the tech issues to bring their work to their fans in files that work, then they may do exclusive deals with new eBook channels and also earn title signing bonuses.

An author can choose, sell my title from my site and process the sales and distribute the sale, or sign with a major new eBook channel and let them take a tiny fee to process the sale and distribute the file and pay the author FAST.

An author doing the sale themselves can get paid THAT DAY and when they do an exclusive deal they usually get paid weekly or monthly.


An author uses an old world publisher they have to get the printed books synched up to the eBook release and that takes forever and then the current eBook cartel waits almost 90 days to pay the publishers and or authors direct if the author has digital rights. Plus the cartels push every other book they sell on that authors pages.

Authors know how much promotion they do to sell their books, TV shows and Radio shows and signings as well as print interviews. You see our clients sites right on the front door they have a MEDIA REQUEST it goes direct to our agency, where is your agent on your sites authors? Why aren’t your social media fans ENGAGING your tweets?

The fact is today most books sold are not physical books, they are in fact eBooks and why give your file to so many eBook channels that then tell you how much you can sell it for and take so much of the sale.

SELL IT DIRECT from AuthorsName.com or sign new exclusive Title deals like the one we just got SOLLOG with the exclusive eBook Channel 1 eBooks.

Any author or publisher can list their titles on 1 eBooks, but they also have EXCLUSIVE TITLE DEALS that are better for the author than any publisher or mass eBook seller like Amazon can offer.

Authors can tweet my new book is at 1 eBooks and instantly that site has control of that titles sales.

There’s no need to print the books, since print book sales are DEAD and print rights of authors can be sold to old world dinosaur companies that still bother to print books, heck even Amazon has a PRINT ON DEMAND feature for any author to use and you don’t need to tie in eBook sales to that type of old world print sale.

The future of power authors is having control of where and for how much their Titles can be sold for in eBook format.

The fact is top authors can get easily $19.99 and even $29.99 for sales of new titles IN EBOOK FORMAT and their fans will pay, the reason is when they go to cheap eBook sites like Amazon and can’t find the title they will pay that fee since that is what they used to have to pay for a printed book and there’s no reason for a fan of that author to not pay what books sell for, there’s no reason to discount eBooks as they are now by Amazon.

Why let Amazon set the price at only $9.99 and then give your publisher only 35% to 70% of the sale and then how much does the author see?

Well the author got a deal to sell his rights for X Dollars when he ‘signed’ with the old world publisher, yeah so what, the author is now famous and his or hers best interest is where can I get the most for each download of my title in eBook format since that is where most books are sold now and where can I keep most of that sale.

Authors all have AGENTS that handle most of the authors PR, it’s not the big old world publishers getting authors on TV and Radio shows it’s their AGENTS. Established authors all have major media contacts and can get face time ANY TIME THEY WANT.

Agents such as our Agency that have the ability to have authors SELL DIRECT to their fans from their sites or to get lucrative EXCLUSIVE EBOOK DEALS have the ability to maximize earnings for authors.

Publishers just got another death blow to their industry, in the modern world of SOCIAL MEDIA and an authors ability to drive traffic to where their books are sold, AUTHORS DO NOT NEED OLD WORLD PUBLISHERS.

They need trend setting agents and tech gurus that can SELL their TITLES in mass amounts and give most of it to AUTHORS and not to publishing companies.

Very few Authors and pretty much no publishers have a clue yet as to how SOCIAL MEDIA is their new way to promote new titles.

Many authors have huge followers and yet NO ENGAGEMENT with their followers and the same goes for Publishers with huge followers and NO ENGAGEMENT.

Imagine an authors fan base actually caring about that authors social media since that account will be where the fans learn when a new book is being released and now more importantly where it is being downloaded EXCLUSIVELY.

Once authors realize how little they make now off the dominant format books are being sold in, that being eBooks through big public companies that take most of the money their work generates, authors may WAKE UP and realize they can sell direct to their fans with some good tech gurus and or they can do exclusive eBook deals now and bypass the low prices set by Amazon. Why should an author settle for what others are doing, all they are doing is loosing all that money to Amazon and publishers.

The future of books is AUTHOR DIRECT TO READER not Author to Publisher to Editor to 10 different eBook channels that do a crappy job of selling that title and then keep most of the sale.

Some eBook channels are now paying nice fees to top authors for EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS. So Author to Exclusive eBook Channel to reader is a valid new business model.

TV and Radio shows will still give interviews to established authors IF they decide to sell direct to fans on use exclusive eBook Channels, the author is NEWS and all news media needs NEWS.

SOLLOG writes about the future, so of course he is the first established author to say HERE IS THE FUTURE, I don’t need Amazon or BN or Apple to sell eBooks direct to my fans.

In fact it was SOLLOG that started selling his books exclusively as eBooks around 1995 when he saw the future and said Books are not Books in the future, they are all eFiles and PDF is it, these are the future they are EBOOKS.

Millions of SOLLOG‘s books have been distributed from his site over the years and his books have been on 1 eBooks since the 1990’s.

But now his most famous book PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG is exclusive to 1 eBooks. It’s the first EXCLUSIVE EBOOK DEAL ever signed by any author and the first one to get such a deal is SOLLOG from 1 eBooks and we are the first Literary Agency to do such a deal.

How many other authors will soon realize they have little need for old world publishers and the current eBook cartel ruled by Amazon and what they need are tech gurus with their tech savvy agent to promote new titles and keep most of the sales their work generates?

Just look at my Klout, it’s a pretty new account but I have expert rankings in 10 major publishing topics. My overall Klout is rising, but the actual score doesn’t really matter that much, the key to SOCIAL MEDIA Klout is not your score but what topics are you EXPERT IN since that determines if you can control a major topic page and influence people, so EXPERT RANKINGS next to large amount of ENGAGED FANS are the keys to Social Media.

Most authors have terrible engagement with their fans, they suck at Social Media even though some have large followings and many of that following may be FAKE since the authors with mega millions of followers have very little ENGAGEMENT and the means FAKE NUMBERS usually, the fact is old world agents may have had established authors buy fake followers.  Publishers have the same problem NO ENGAGEMENT with Followers and no ability to stick major topic pages. How many of a publishers followers are FAKE since none of the top publishers get any decent engagement with their posts and tweets.

If I mention a book IT STICKS to the top book hashtags in publishing.

Most authors can’t do that and neither can most publishers.

And our group has dozens of accounts in social media just like mine where we control top book pages on major social media sites.

SOCIAL MEDIA is where authors can drive traffic and we’re one of the only agencies with a clue about SOCIAL MEDIA.

A few tech savvy agents will soon control most of the top authors since old world agents and publishers are dinosaurs all about to become EXTINCT.

You agent needs to be able to help an author CONTROL their social media as well as their websites so authors can go DIRECT TO FANS and authors right now have little real skills in doing that.

SOLLOG does this type of direct to fan distribution and he has for years, since he was the first author in 1995 to say the future is eBooks you do not need a traditional publisher to sell your work.

He was right and now he’s right again by bypassing what everyone else is doing and setting the trend for THE FUTURE

Exclusively on 1 eBooksProphecies of Sollog

SOLLOG – The Famous Site

Prophecies of Sollog – Site about the famous Prophecies of Sollog

Sollog Books Sollog has 100+ Titles and Academic Papers

1 eBooks – The Exclusive Author and Title eBook Channel



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