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Submissions or Query Letters

Due to heavy volume of submissions, please include a link to a Query Letter as the first step in submitting your work.

We also expect any author to have

a. Their own website (not a blog on

b. Titles already selling on Amazon

c. Active Social Media Accounts

We have no interest in any author without multiple titles and a real website with actual sales on Amazon as well as an engaged social media.

It is 2016 and if you wish to be an AUTHOR you need to take the bull by the horns and learn to PROMOTE YOURSELF as an author, that means you own your and have social media connected to it and have already ventured into self publishing and had sales.

In 2016, a publisher looks to see if a new author is really interested in their career as a writer. An author with a website and active social media that is at least attempting to sell their work is an author that is up to speed it is 2016.

If you want a publisher to help you broaden your reach in 2016, then you need to show a publisher you aware it is 2016 and not 1999.

If we are interested in your Query we will email you to send us a partial or full manuscript.


Query Letter Guidelines

Please include in any Query Letter

A.  Biographical Information including writing experience.

B.  General Author Information as to amount of titles you have written and how many were published.

C.  A general proposal for the manuscript you are submitting a Query Letter for.

D.  A fiction Query Letter should include the first chapter.

E.  A non-fiction Query Letter should give biographical information about yourself as to why you are qualified to write such a work. The first chapter or a proposed chapter outline of the work should be included in the Query Letter.

F. We do not allow attachments at the initial contact between our firm and you, so you must create a Query Letter for us and then upload the Query Letter to a site and create a dynamic link that we can then download from.

G. We prefer to download Query Letters that have been converted into .pdf format.

Our Response Time

We try to respond to all Queries or Submissions we receive, normal response time depending on the genre is 7 to 30 days. If you have not heard from after 30 days, we apologize for not responding, but after 30 days if we do not respond we are not interested in pursuing a literary agent relationship with you.

Our Interests

We are especially interest in:

1. Fiction authors with a catalog of titles and especially a series.

2. Non Fiction authors with expert knowledge in the field they are writing in.

3. Writing that can convert into possible film and television production.

4. We consider pretty much all genres of writing including plays and poetry which many Agencies traditionally ignore.

Why choose i Literary Agents?

Executives in our firm have decades of experience in publishing, especially in digital publishing and internet marketing and promotion of eBooks.

We usually brand an author with multiple websites and produced videos and have a large distribution network and promotional network behind us.

Executives within our firm have vast experience in book publishing, ebook publishing and formatting, website production, video production, film production, music production and all aspects of IM (Internet Marketing) including SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, PPC and all aspects of website development and promotion.

Our parent company has been involved in technology and publishing since the 1970’s . Our parent company is a global media company with divisions in publishing, internet content, news, press releases, HD video production, film production and music production.

Our parent company has recently created 1 Writer Org as a community for the entire publishing industry from writers and authors as well as publishers and literary agents.

Please join 1 Writer Org to become part of the global publishing community. There is no fee to join our publishing community.

We also maintain a free forum for our Literary Agency.

i Literary Agents Forum

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